Friday, 31 October 2014

Pramiracetam Users Experiences Are Positive

Pramiracetam is a popular nootropic drug formulated in late 1970, ever since it has been a hot subject of research. Nootropics are synthetic compounds and referred to as cognitive enhancer, smart drugs or brain boosting supplement. 

Pramiracetam is said to be 30 times stronger and increases the memory and intelligence level. It does not make you smarter instantly, but enhances your ability to learn, reason it out, focus as well as increase the energy level. Before you try this drug, it is wise to understand how it increases the brain performance by provoking certain neurotransmitters. 

How it works?

Like other nootropics the exact mechanism is still not understood fully. It is considered that Pramiracetam is absorbed in the blood from the intestinal tract through fatty acids (lipids). Within half an hour, it gets fully concentrated and is transported to the brain directly. Then it modulates the receptor sites for neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine. 

Acetylcholine is responsible for several cognitive functions like learning, memory and developing new neurons. Pramiracetam enhances the circulation of Acetylcholine level within the brain as well as enhances neuronal desire gush in specific parts of the brain. 

Hippocampus is the area that creates memory and ability to remember them. According to neuroscience, memories are captured physically with the help of connection between neurons. To form memory, two neurons have to connect strongly by creating new synapses. Synapses are modes in which the neurons signal, send messages and interact with one another. 

Pramiracetam helps to create new synapses that speeds the formation and memory recall. Thus, it is an excellent study aid for students. Users increase their concentration getting more brain energy without being distracted. With increase in focus and motivation, students become more productive in their studies. 

User experience and testimonials

Users experiences with Pramiracetam reports that it is the best supplement. The first effect experienced under the influence of Pramiracetam differs from person to person. Some witness enhanced sensory perceptions, but usually it is vibrant sensation of sight and sound. Glutamate is responsible to transfer visual signals from eyes to brain. 

After consistent usage, users report enhanced memory and they report to remember details from conversation as well as their entire lucid dreams. Writing down ideas forming in your mind clearly can be easy without mental strain. Some of them say that the drug makes them extremely single-minded to a point that they cannot dump a task until it is fulfilled completely. 

For more user experiences, you can look at online forums or communities. Surely, your personal experience may differ, but most of them will be the same. In general, Pramiracetam experience is regarded, as highly enjoyable.

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