Friday, 10 October 2014

Hallmark Of Pramiracetam - Heightens Concentration Level

Pramiracetam is the latest version of Racetam family. Its potency is said to be lasting a little more in comparison, according to number of users. In addition, it is a little expensive than other nootropics, but is a favourite because of its intense after effect on memory power, focus and more. Many have incorporated this supplement in their routine on cyclical basis.

Pramiracetam is similar to Aniracetam, fat soluble. It easily gets absorbed in the brain without any blockages from cell membrane. In comparison to water soluble nootropics intake of Pramiracetam is less frequent because being fat soluble it’s effects last longer. 

Research & Effects

Pramiracetam for memory and concentration was formulated by Park, Davis & Co in 1978. Studies on rats have displayed that Pramiracetam enhances spatial learning ability, improves retention and helps to prevent chemically provoked amnesia.

The 1991 research reported that Pramiracetam enhanced memory and supported cognitive issue treatment in males having brain injuries. After a month, when they stopped taking Pramiracetam, the improvement continued.

In 1994, male volunteers were given scopolamine to aggravate amnesia first. When they were given Pramiracetam, the amnesic outcome reduced partially. Some studies suggest that Alzheimer’s disease sufferers can take advantage of this drug. Users have reported that Pramiracetam facilitates them to think clearly and concentrate effortlessly. 

Studies have also suggested that this drug may be neuroprotective. Actually, it protects your neurons, which indicates long-term use, which can generally enhance your brain health even more. In certain cases, it can be applied as an effective treatment for treating specific brain damages. Brain damage can be due to psychological issues or alcohol abuse. 

Cognitive benefits include:
  • Enhances goal direction
  • Keeps you motivated
  • Boosts determination
  • Faster recall
  • Heightens concentration level

Pramiracetam - For students

Studying is very hard for some students and they are interested in using a supplement to help them perform this task. Well, Pramiracetam used by many students have showed effective results in their interest in daily study task and memory recall level. They have shown good improvement in their test results.

Enhanced mental fluidity has made it easier for them to link concepts and ideas together. Thus, essay writing gets better and better. Remembering facts, dates and figures, which were impossible, can be attained using this drug. Just popping pills and sitting back is not the point, but you will have to study!


Pramiracetam dose ranges from 75 mg to 1500 mg per day. It is available in powder and pill form. Powder form can be mixed with milk, but tastes exceptionally bitter. On the other hand Pramiracetam pills are relatively expensive and you cannot make dosage adjustment.

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