Thursday, 23 October 2014

Pramiracetam And Choline Stacking For Better Cognitive Performance

Pramiracetam is known as the strongest nootropics. It is well known for heightening the focus level. In addition, it enhances memory retention and recall capacity too. 

The supplement is recorded to work by optimistically altering the activity of neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. Just an intake of single dosage has increased choline uptake in cerebral cortex and hippocampus responsible for the formation of memories. 

This is the reason why the benefits of Pramiracetam are excessively greater when used in Pramiracetam Choline Stack. 

About choline

Choline is precursor of neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, which is responsible for memory formation and recall. However, high acetylcholine level slows down distraction, which makes concentration on a single task easy. Humans are unable to attain this through food, so majority of people are choline deficient. 

Choline supplement offers your brain some fuel to function positively and clearly. When you start using nootropic, brain requires more acetylcholine to satisfy your brains heightened mental and neuronal communication activities. 


Taking Pramiracetam with acetylcholine precursor facilitates to enhance this smart drug’s effectiveness. For some, it prevents the incidence of common side effects. 

Choline mitigates the most common side effect headache reported by majority of users. It also offers beneficial cognitive boosts caused due to essential nutrient deficiency. 

Choline to Pramiracetam proportion is vital because using wrong ratio can increase the possibility of side effects or the user may not gain the benefits of enhancing their mental performance. 

Pramiracetam is 30 times potent than its parent drug Piracetam. This indicates that the dosage needed to get the required effect is smaller than Piracetam. Generally, it is considered a safe drug that can be used for a long time. 

Stacking proportion

Start with 2:1 ratio that is two parts of Pramiracetam to one part choline. 

Pramiracetam powder must be blended with fat content, which is milk and taken after the meal. It gets absorbed from the intestines via lipids in the blood stream. The effects will be noticed after some days. You can alter the proportion of the stack and increase it a little. 

The recommended dosage limit is 400 mg, which is safe without any kind of side effects. Tweaking your ratio to get the desired cognitive result can take some time, but once you find this spot, it is worth the effort.

User’s comments

Comments from Pramiracetam users report that this smart drug enhances the mood, but it does not involve interaction with serotonin or dopamine receptors. 

Several users find this compound to have an emotion soothing effect just like ADHD drug Ritalin. Concentration comes easily with spatial memory enhanced. 

Students studying intense texts will find that Pramiracetam has enhanced their absorption ability as well as they can recall the dense data more effortlessly and rapidly.

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